October 9, 2012
Early surprise in NOLA City Council District B

There will be a more detailed post later this week for all important races, but we will be sharing the highlights of the 30 day reports on here.

Every candidate in the New Orleans City Council District B race has filed, and LI has broken down the numbers. Here are the Cash in Hand (CoH) amounts for each candidate:

  • Dana Kaplan, $33,372.86 CoH
  • Eric Strachan, $30,157.23 CoH
  • LaToya Cantrell, $6,898.78 CoH
  • Marlon Horton, $0 CoH

3 Instant Takeaways:

  1. Kaplan’s Impressive Fundraising: Raising $61k from donors is a solid number or a first time candidate with few direct political connections. She’s in good shape for the last 4 weeks.
  2. Cantrell’s Slip Up: While many people in the city were focused on her husband’s slip up in court last week, Cantrell’s tepid fundraising will prevent her from capitalizing on her goodwill as a neighborhood leader. This has to step up QUICK.
  3. Slow & Steady Strachan: Eric raised $70k from donors and is staying above the fray. Let’s see if he can continue raising money at this clip and what it can mean on Election Day.

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